Kettle Bottom »
A smooth, rounded piece of rock, cylindrical in shape, which may drop out of the roof of a mine without warning.The origin of this feature is thought to be the remains of the stump of a tree that has been replaced by sediments so that the original form has been rather well preserved.,
Kerf »
The undercut of a coal face.


Lamp »
The electric cap lamp worn for visibility. Also, the flame safety lamp used in coal mine to detect methane gas concentration and oxygen deficiency.
Layout »
The design or pattern of the main roadways and working. The proper layout of mine working is the responsibility of the planning department.
Lift »
The amount of coal obtained from a continuous miner in one mining cycle.
Liquefaction »
The process of converting coal into a synthetic fuel,similar in nature to crude oil and or refined products, such as gasoline.
Lithology »
The character of a rock described in terms of its structure, color, mineral composition, grain size, and arrangment of its component parts. Lithology is the basis of correlation in coal mines and commonly is reliable over a distance of a few miles.
Load »
To place explosives in a drill hole. Also, to transfer broken material into a haulage device.
Loading Machine »
Any device for transferring excavated coal into the haulage equipment.
Loading Pocket »
Transfer point at a shaft where bulk material is loaded by bin, hopper, and chute into a skip.
Longwall Mining »
One of three major underground coal mining methods currently in use. Employs a steal plow, or rotation drum, which is pulled mechanically back and front across a face of coal that is usually several hundred feet long. The loosened coal falls onto a conveyor for removal from the mine.
Loose Coal »
Coal fragments larger in size than coal dust.
Low Voltage »
Up to and including volt by federal standard.
Lumen »
Unit of light (luminos flux)immited by a light source.
Lux »
It is The S.I. unit of illumination.


Mai entry »
A main haulage road.where the coal has cleat, main entries are driven at right angles to the face cleats.
Main fan»
A mechanical ventilator installed at the surface, oprates by either exhausting or blowing to induce airflow through mine roadway and working.
Manhole »
A safety hole costructed in the side of the gangway,tunnel or slope in which miner can be sfe from passing locomotive and car. also called a refuse hole.
Man trip »
A carrier of man personnel, by rail or rubber tire, to and from the work area ..
Methane monitor »
An electronic instrument often mounted on piece of minning equipment, that detects and meassures the methane content of mine air.
Mine development »
The term employed to designate the opration involved in preparing a mine for ore extraction incluide tunneling ,sinking,cross-cutting,driftting,and raising.
Mine mouth electric plant »
A coal burning electric generating plant built near a coal mine.
Mineral »
An inorganic compount occurring naturally in the earth'`s crust, with a
distinctive set of physical properties,and a definite chemical compound.

Misfire »
The complete or partial failure of a blasting charge to explode as planned..
Mine safety and health administration;the federal agency which regukate coam mine health and safety.


Natural ventilation »
Ventilation of a mine wethout the aid of fan or furnaces.
Nip »
Device at the end of the trailing cable of a mining machine used for connecting the trailing cable to the trolley wire and ground.
Nonel »
Nonel is non-electric detonator.


Open end pillaring »
A method of mining pillars in which no stump is left; the pockets driven are open on the god side and the roof is supported by timber.
Ore pass »
An ore pass is an vertical or incline u/g passage way for downward movement of ore by gravity.
Outbye »
Nearer to the shaft,and hence farther from the working face.toward the mine entrance. the opposite af inby.
Outcrop »
Coal that appears at the near at or near the suface.
Overburden »
Layer of soil and rock covering a coal seam. overburden is removed prior to surface mining and replaced after the coal is taken from the seam.
Overcast(undercast) »
Enclosed airway which permits one air current to pass over (under) another wethout enterruption.
Ore »
An ore is a rock containing minerals which can be used for industrial purpose,economical extraction of metals after processing to seprate the minerals from gangue ore generally occurs in viens and loads.

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