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Pannel »
A coal mining block that generally compromises one operating unit.
Panic bar »
A switch,in the shape of bar ,used to cut off power at the machine in case of an emergency.
Parting »
(1) A small joint in coal or rock;
(2)A layer if rock in a coal seam;
(3)A side attack or turnout in a haulage road.

peat »
The partially decayed plant matter ound in swamps and bogs,one if the earliest stages of coal formation.
percussive drilling »
A drill usually air powered, that delivers its energy through a pounding or hammering action.
Permissible »
That which allowable and permitted. it is most widely applied to mine equipment and explosive of all kind which are similar in all respected to samples that have passes certain tests of the MSHA and can be used which safety in acccordance with specified condition where hazards from explosive gas or coal dust exist.
permit »
As it pertains to mining, a document issued by a regularly agency that gives approval for mining operations to take place.
piggy-back »
A bridge conveyor.
pillars »
An area of coal left to support the overlying strata in a mine; sometimes left permaently to support surface structures.
pich »
A compression of walls of a vein or the roof and floor of a coal seam so as to "squeeze" out the coal.
Pinning »
Roof bolting.
Pitch »
The inclination of the seam;the rise of a seam.
Plan »
A map showing features such as a mie workings or geological structures on a horizontal plane.
Pneumonoconiosis »
A chronic diseae of the lung arising from breathing coal dust.
Portal »
The structure surrounding the immediate entrance to a mine;the mouth of an adit or tunnel.
Post »
The vertical member of a timber set.
Preparation plant »
A place where coal is cleaned,sizes,and prepared for market.
Primary roof »
The main roof above the immidiate top. its thickness may vary from a few to several thousand feet.
Prop »
Coal mining term for any single post used as roof support.props may be timber or steel;if steel screwed ,yieldable,or hydraulic.


Raise »
A secondary or tertiary inclined opening,vertical or near-vertical opening driven upward from a level to connect with the level above,or to explore the ground for a limited distance above the levell.
Ramp »
A secondary or tertiary inclined opening, driven to connect levels,usually driven in a downward direction, and used for haulage.
Recovery »
The proportion or percentage of coal or ore mined from the original from the original seam or deposite.
Red dog »
A nonvolatile combussion product of the oxidation of coal or coal refuse . most commonly applied to material resulting from in situ ,uncontrolled burning of coal or coal refuse piles.it is similar to coal ash.
Regularor »
Devise (wall,door) used to control the volume of air in an air split.
Raisin bolting »
A method of permanent roof support in which steel rods are grouted with resin.
Respirable dust »
Dust particle 5 microns or less in size.
Retreat mining »
A system of robbing pillars in which the robbing line,or line through the faces of the pillars being extracted ,retreated retreats from the boundary toward the shaft or mine mouth.
Return »
The air or ventilatin that has passes through all the working faces of a split.
Rib »
The side of a pillar or the wall of a entry.the solid coal on the side of any u/g passage.same as rib pillars.
Rider »
A thin seam of coal overlying a thicker one.
Ripper »
A coal extraction machine that works by tearing the coal from the face.
Rob »
To extract of coal previously left for support
Robbed out area »
Described that part of a mine from which the pillars have been removed.
Roll »
A high place in the bottom or a low place in the top of a mine passage.
Roll Protection »
A framework,safety canopy,or similar protection for the operator when equipment overturns.
Roof »
The stratum of rock or other material above a coal seam;the overhead surface of a coal working place.
Roof Bolt »
A long steel bolt driven into the roof of u/g excavations to support the roof,preventing and limiting the extent of roof falls.
Roof Fall »
A coal mine cave-in especially in permanent areas such as entries.
Roof Stress »
Unbalanced internal forces in the roof or sides,created when coal is extracted.
Roof Support »
Posts,jacks,roof bolts and beams used to support the rock overlying a coal seam in an underground mine.
Room Neck »
The short passage from the entry into a room.
Royalty »
The payment of a certain stipulated sum on the mineral produced.
Rubbing Surface »
The total area of an airway.
Run-of-mine »
Raw material as it exists in the mine;average grade or quality.


Safety Fuse »
A train of powder enclosed in cotton,jute yarn, or waterproofing compounds,which burns at a uniform rate.
Safety lamp »
A lamp with steel wire gauge covering every opening from the inside to the outside so as to prevent the passage of flame.
Sampling »
Cutting a representative part of an ore deposit,which should truly represent its avg. value.
Sandstone »
A sedimentary rock consisting of quartz sand united by some cementing material,such as iron oxide or calcium carbonate.
Scalping »
Removal of loose rock from the roof or walls.This work is dangerous and a long bar is often used.
Scoop »
AA rubbed tired-,battery,diesel-powered piece of equipment designed for cleaning of runway and haulage supplies.
Scrubber »
Anny of several forms of chemical/physical devices that remove sulfur compound formed during coal combustion.
Seam »
A stratum or bed of coal.
Secondary Roof »
The roof strata immediately above the coal bed,requiring support during the excavation of coal.
Section »
A portion of the working area of a mine.
Selective Mining »
The object of selective mining is to obtain a relatively high-grade mine product;this usually entails the use of a much more expensive stopping system and high exploration and development costs in searching for and developing the separate bunches,stringers,lenses,ad bands of ore.
Self-rescuer »
A small filtering device carried by a coal miner underground,either on his belt or in his pocket,to provide him with immediate protection against carbon monoxide and smoke in case of a mine fire or explosion.
Severannce »
The severance f a mineral interest from other interests in the land by grant or reservation.
Shaft »
A primary vertical or non-vertical opening through mine strata used for ventilation or drainage and for hoisting of personnel or materials.;Connects the Surface with U/G workings.
Shaft Mine »
An u/g mine in which the main entry or access is by means of a vertical shaft.
Shearer »
A mining machine fr longwall faces that uses a rotating action to 'shear' the material from the face as it progresses along the face.
Shift »
The number of hours or he part of any day worked.
Shortwall »
An u/g mining method in which small areas are worked by a continuous miner in conjuction with the use of hydraulic roof supports.
Shuttle Car »
A self-discharging truck,generally with rubber tires or caterpillar-type treads,used for receiving coal from the loading or mining machine and transferring it into an u/g loading point,mine railway or belt conveyor system.
Sinking »
The process by which a shaft is driven.
Skid »
A track-mounted vehicle used to hold trips or car from running out of control. Also it is a flat-bottom personnel or equipment carrier used in low coal.
Skip »
a car being hoisted from a slope or shaft.
Slack »
Small coal;the finest sized soft coal usually less then 1 inch in diameter.
Slag »
The waste product of the process of smelting.
Slickenside »
A smooth,striated,polished surface produced on rock by friction.
Slip »
A fault.A smooth joint or crack where the strata have moved on each other.

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