Carbon mono-oxide

  1. Colorless, odorless gas.
  2. Specific Gravity = 0.972; which is almost equal to that of air.
  3. Burns with blue flame and is explosive in presence of air at concentration between 12.5% and 75%.
  4. Ignition temp. of CO is 873K.
  1. It is highly toxic in nature.
  2. As it is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is not noticed easily.
  3. As its Sp. Gravity is almost equal to that of air, it exists at all levels in the U/G opening. Hence, the chances of inhalation are very high.
  • PERMISSIBLE CONCENTRATION:-  As per Indian Standards(DGMS), CO concentration should not exceed 0.005%.

    • PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS:-  Haemoglobin present in the human blood has 300 times more affinity towards CO then O2.

      1. It imparts a bright pink color to blood and the patient poisoned by co has typically pink colour as a result of this .the best remedy for co poisoning is to quickly expose the patient to fresh air and provide him pure oxygen. The patient should be covered by blankets so that he can be kept ware black coffee is also very useful.
      2. Modern co detector like hoollamite tubes and msa aluminium palladium complex colorimetric detector use detector tubes containing suitable gels such as alumina silica gel, iodine pentoxide & fumic sulphuric acid soaked in pumice stone.
      3. Co is detected using the principle of :- 
      • The change in colour of chemical present in the detector tube.
      • The change in the length of the colour of the detector tube.

      • CO DETECTOR:-
      1. P.S. Detector
      2. Hopcalite Detector
      3. Holamite Detector

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