Mine Gases

  • Constituents of different kinds of gases in atmosphere by weight or by volume:-

  • Air is required in mines for four important reasons namely:-
  1. To supply oxygen for breathing.
  2. To remove heat from U/G environment.
  3. To dilute the presence of dust and various unwanted gases.
  4. To remove dust.

  • When referring to noxious & poisonous gases met in the mines,the commonly used names are as follows:-
  1. BLACK DAMP:-  It is the mechanical mixture of COand excess N and extinctive gases. It is also known as Choke Damp or Stythe.
  2. FIRE DAMP:-  It is a synonymous mixture of CH4 and air. It is referring to the mechanical mixture of gases chiefly inflammable given off naturally from the coal and consisting most part of CH4 .
  3. WHITE DAMP:-  It is synonymous with CO.
  4. STINK DAMP:-  It is sulphurated hydrogen(H2S).
  5. AFTER DAMP:- This is the mechanical mixture of gases existing in a mine after explosion of firedamp and coal dust. Its composition is extremely variable & usually include CO,CO2,N,N2S,SO2 with very small percentage of oxygen.

  • Common gases in a mine:-

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