Mine Ventilation

A worker in a mine should be able to work under conditions which are safe and healthy for his body. At the same time the environmental conditions should be such as will not impair his working efficiency.This is possible if mine air is nearly the same as on the surface and without toxic and inflammable gases. The humidity, Temp., Dust contents of the air in the mine should also be within certain limits. This is achieved by proper ventilation of U/G mine working by continuous supply of fresh surface air.
The ventilation of a mine has the following objects:-
  1. To restore the proper composition of mine atmosphere which should not contain less then 19% of oxygen or more then 0.5% of carbon-di-oxide.
  2. To dilute other noxious and inflammable gases like CO, CH4 etc. so that they are harmless. A place is not considered to be free from firedamp if gas percent is above 1.25.
  3. To provide good environmental conditions and to prevent excessive rise of temperature and humidity so that the workmen can work with maximum efficiency. The wet bulb temperature in development faces should not exceed 33.5°C.
  4. To remove or dissipate the coal or rock dust produced in the mine.

Mine Gases

Inside an U/G mine,there are various gases found,some of which are very harmful to the workers about which we need to know in brief.Some of those are similar to that of the surface but some produced through the chemical processes and mining operations are toxic and noxious. Know more